From 2000-2002, the citizens of Sutia (West Bengal) had witnessed 33 cases of rape along with a dozen of murders and countless extortions. 

Not all heroes wear a cape and that goes for Barun Biswas too who lost his life while saving the women of his village.


A gang of criminals led by local gangster Sushanta Choudhury had terrorized the villagers and held them at ransom. Those ones who protested either lost their life or had a woman in the family raped.

Barun, a social activist and a teacher, got the entire village together and formed the Pratibadi Mancha that stood up to the rapists. 

They encouraged the victims to take a legal action which after which 5 of the criminals, including Choudhury were finally sentenced to life.

Not only did Barun’s efforts secure justice for the victims but it also got them readapted socially. 

He soon became the hero of the village which did not go down well with some. There were people waiting for an opportunity to bring him down


As said by Asit Biswas (Barun’s elder brother), “Barun knew his life was under threat but he didn’t bother. He always had this daring streak in him”. 


Some of the accused were released at that time due to lack of evidence. In 2012, Barun was shot dead by the members of that gang while he was returning from work.

Even as he lost his life, he is remembered as a hero and people of the village cherish him as a legend.