“When the time is right, I’ll talk about it, and see how I feel in that year,” says Roger Federer when asked about his retirement plans by The Guardian

The player, officially the greatest of all time after his Australian Open win this year, says that the Tokyo Olympics is too far away and he doesn’t know what will happen then. 


Federer has defied conventions and surpassed expectations by becoming the first tennis player to have 20 grand slam titles to his name and will become the oldest player to be ranked first in the world if he wins three matches at the World Tennis Tournament in Rotterdam.


He also spoke on the importance of taking breaks.

You can always play more if you want to. You can always play less if you want to. I just hope people don’t think that what I’m doing at 36 they can start doing at 25. My philosophy is I play when I’m ready.

But tennis isn’t everything to him. His family is.

Ever since my kids were born it has been that way. My wife needs to be happy. My kids need to be happy. Without that this doesn’t matter.
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Does he think technology affects private life? Yes.

Since 10 years now there are mobile phones to take videos and pictures. You do feel like maybe your privacy has been taken away even more. But it’s OK. I don’t feel like it’s too much and that I can’t take it. 
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Federer has undergone immense transformation over the years to become the player he is now. 

In his own admission, he worked very hard to change from a racket-throwing player to someone who accepts things that happen on the court.

Well, the entire world is witness to what happened with this transformation. We got our God!