He came. He swung his racquet. He conquered. 

Roger Federer has created history again. (We wonder if any copy on Federer would ever begin without this statement.) 

Roger won his 20th grand slam title by clinching the Australian Open. If you are living under a rock, he is 36 years old. 

And what is even more remarkable, is that it did not come as a surprise. For Federer has never given us a chance to ever doubt his genius. 


Of course a lot of tears were shed, and Twitter celebrated the champion for his legendary feat. 


This one came from another legend and Federer’s good friend.

And the rest of the world hailed the champ. 

He may be the GOAT, but he makes you root for him like he was playing his first match. 

Ending with this tweet, because Federer is indeed an inspiration.

The greatest.