This is Sachin Tendulkar who, at once upon a time in his career, was arguably the best batsman in the world.


And this is Rekha. One of the finest actresses this country has ever seen.


And they have two things in common:

a) They both are members of the Rajya Sabha.

b) They both have poor attendance as Rajya Sabha members.

Which is why earlier this year, this picture of them (finally) going to the Rajya Sabha had gone viral.

However, looks like Sachin decided that enough was enough and finally agreed to break his dry spell in the Rajya Sabha for once and for all.

By giving a, wait-for-it, speech!


But then, Congress was like…

Beacause according to a report by India Today, the moment he opened his mouth, Congress MPs created a ruckus over PM Modi’s comments on former PM Manmohan Singh and Pakistan. 

So much so that finally, chairman of the house Venkaiah Naidu had to adjourn the upper house for the day.


And all this while Sachin was like…

Tch tch tch! Apni pehli innings mein hi duck pe out ho gaye Sachin bhai ji.

While the Congress MPs might’ve successfully shut down Sachin, they couldn’t shut down the Twitterati that was, as always, ready with reactions.

Koi baat nahin Sachin paaji. We’re sure you’ll hit a century the next time.