Sawai Padmanabh Singh, the young Maharaja of Jaipur, does put the edge back on royalty. From his perennial love for polo to adorning the covers of significant magazines, the 22-years-young maharaja has already had enough life experiences to fill a lifetime.

Being a prince charming (quite literally), he leads a pretty sumptuous life. Here are some dreamy pictures along with some spellbinding facts about his life that spews royalty and looks straight out of a luxurious movie!

Affectionately called ‘Pacho‘, he is an accomplished polo player. He has played on the Indian national team and in games with or against British royals, Prince William and Prince Harry.

He has a penchant for elegant fashion and traditional royal values, and one can figure it out through his incomparable exuberance in all his pictures.

Look at the sheer grandness!

His ‘maharaja’ title is not officially recognised by law as India’s secular democracy abolished the privy purses and inherited rights of such titles in 1971. However, back in 2011, he took the ceremonial title after his grandfather, Sawai Man Singh Bahadur, died.

The simplicity of his outfit from the Holika Dahan celebration is a reminder that traditional clothes can be classy AF.

At the tender age of four, he went to the boarding school in Ajmer, Mayo College. As there were no luxuries, he described his experience as a “normal” life, where other children didn’t know his family background.

The perfect candid shot doesn’t exi-

In 2018, he made it to Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia list for his ‘prowess on the polo field‘.

Opulence with oodles of celebrated legacy!

Back in June 2018, he walked the runway at a Dolce & Gabanna show in Milan, Italy.


With his royal staff being equally well-dressed in their all-white ensembles and graceful safas, they sure know what poise with royalty is.

Just… Look at him!

Crush Alert!

The right blend of class and elegance.

He is also a proud holder of GQ India’s ‘The Most Stylish Man Of The Year 2018‘ title. 

What sort of gorgeous-ness is this?

From studying in New York to backpacking in Brazil, he has travelled a lot. However, he knows and trusts his roots very well.

I represent the history of thousands of years, and it is my duty to act as its ambassador; not just in India, but abroad as well.

-Sawai Padmanabh Singh

Blessing our feeds.

That’s the dapper maharaja for you.

Here is his goofy side.


We now crown him the king of suave! (See, what I did there?) *WINK*

Killing it with his oh-so-debonair looks.

Humming ‘Kesariya Balam‘…

We see you, we really do.

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