There was a time when John Abraham, in all his glory would get down off his bike, remove his helmet to reveal that gorgeous locks and every boy in every school wanted to follow suit. The only problem being the stupid teachers. 

CuT YoUr HaIR. yOU lOoK lIkE a GiRl!

-Panda Ma’am, who didn’t know History but still taught

It was such bullshit. So much so, that we don’t even have to talk about gender stereotypes to see why this behaviour by teachers was so wrong. Simply put, “Our heads, our hair, our parents bought the shampoo and the conditioner!”

And normally, I won’t say this but a lot of you apparently agree with me here. Redditors have been sharing horrible experiences their schools put them through just because they had long hair. 

Look, we all love saying teachers are like gods but in all honesty, most of them are semi-educated morons who have no control over their lives, so they try to dictate yours. And while we are on the subject of teachers, teaching isn’t exactly their passion either. You can ask them yourself about their first idea of a career which didn’t work out, Hence, they did a little B.Ed!