One of the most beautiful things about learning is that no one can take it away from you. Whether you get a chance to complete your education or not, if you are willing to learn, no one can stop you.

The journey of Abdul Alim, presently a Software Development Engineer at Zoho, is proof.


When Abdul left his home in 2013 he just had ₹1,000 with him. Having studied only till 10th standard, Abdul got a job at the security desk of a company.

Call it his luck or destiny, one day a senior employee of the company came to him and said:

Alim, I can see something in your eyes.
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Next he asked Alim about his computer knowledge and studies to which Alim replied that he has learned a little bit of HTML in school. That’s it.

Alim was eager to learn more and the senior employee wanted him to learn. Thereafter, Alim would go to him every day following his 12-hour shift as a security guard and learn coding.


After around 8 months of learning, Alim developed an app that was liked by the senior employee who taught him. Impressed, he scheduled an interview for Alim with the manager. He cleared the interview and has been at Zoho Corporation for 8 years, learning and rising every day. 

Abdul Alim shared his story on LinkedIn and it has recieved a massive response from people.

You can read his post here.