This dialogue will forever be immortal with the joker, thanks to Heath Ledger. The guy who played a homosexual in Brokeback Mountain and a brat in 10 Things I Hate About You and we cringed when he was cast as the joker. But he stole the show in The Dark Knight, so much so that he even won the Oscar for that role. His versatility, his simpleness, and his amazing acting skills, all these wonderful qualities made him the man he was, and all these made us fall head over heels in love with him forever. 

“Why so serious?”

And today, we celebrate the birth of this stellar and amazing life force with some spectacular dialogues that have so much more meaning because he was the one who said it.

Answer this, can you? 

That’s right. You’ll always be alive in our hearts.

So true, right? 

Just like that, isn’t it? 

Wish we could have known a bit more of this knowledge that your life was. 

No, we will never let anyone mess with our heads. 

No wonder you had the biggest, prettiest smile ever. 


The present is good. But it could have been better.

Yes, we all should be. Like you were.

You will always be the flame for us.

Just like all of us have without you.

And hope is what shall guide us too.

Hope you were thinking this on the day you were taken away from this world.

How can we ever let you go? Or the memories you have left us behind with.


Beautiful illustrations by Rohit Jakhu.