Sep 11, 2019 at 08:37

We Finally Found What It's Like To Be A Man Of Character In Today's World, It's Time You Take Notes

by Dipa Biswas

The Indian start-ups are highly appreciated for creating a culture of inclusivity. But, are they really following suit? 

I mean, we often read stories about men who pursued their dreams and converted them into reality. TBH, all these real-life stories motivate us like no other - especially the ones which tells us about the kind of men from the entrepreneurial world who have introduced new values and standards in the industry. They're the kind who stand out from the crowd and inspire everyone around them. But, talking about them is one thing and actually following suit is different. I mean, when we talk about the values of a great leader, we realise that they're the kind who possess courage, humility and inclusivity. But, how many of them really stay true to their values when the stakes are high? And, what these values actually mean to men of today? Do they follow it or do they have a different interpretation? 

So recently, I came across this social experiment video conducted by Platinum Guild International - India and I must say that everyone needs to watch it! 

Honestly, when I watched this video, I realised that sometimes we get so busy chasing our goals that we fail to notice people who actually helped us in our journey to success. We don't do it intentionally, it just happens 'cause we are so caught up in the situation. We start assuming that things are running smoothly, people are having the feeling of belongingness but, the reality might be totally different!

In this video, the entrepreneurs believed that their organisations are standing tall on the foundation of inclusivity. But, did the employees feel the same way? All of them took pride in how they made efforts to create a culture that thrives upon the idea of carrying people along. But, when their words were put under the microscope and their flaws were brought to light, their reactions were priceless. Watch this video to find out what I'm talking about... 

Honestly, this social experiment has opened our eyes and showed us a new wave of masculinity. And I think, only a few rare men today are living a life led by their values. Success to them is redefined by these values - the courage to take risks, perseverance in the face of odds and even failures, and the ability to carry people along. They are unafraid to look within and have the humility to accept responsibility and learn. They are the true men of character. 

To understand this trend, we asked a few men about the values that they think make them a true 'man of character'. And, here's how they responded... 

Inspired yet? Well, I can undoubtedly say that these are the 'men of character' and their individuality is built on certain values that are inviolable. They are the rare breed who have found the platinum within... 

Wondering what I mean? Stay tuned and find out more on September 18th! 

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