From fanatically gymming it out to wearing the most fashionable clothes, we’re all for doing our best to make sure that we look amazing. 

However, there is more to being attractive than just having six-pack abs, right?

At a time when gender dynamics need a serious re-looking, it’s important for men to understand that looking a certain way isn’t the ONLY thing that women want from them.

Here are 20 qualities about a man that truly make him attractive for a woman:

1. Never questioning a woman’s attire. 

What you want to wear should be your choice entirely. A real man would never have a problem and would never dictate what a woman should wear.


2. Respecting her career as much as he respects his own.

Now that women are at par with men when it comes to their careers, it’s high time men understand and respect her professional goals and ambitions.


3. Not being afraid to express emotions.

Men are always told to hide their tears and keep their emotions to themselves. However, women appreciate men who can express their emotions freely. 

And no, crying doesn’t make you any less of a man!


4. Never looking down upon household work.

What is wrong with helping each other with household chores? The time when work was stereotypically gender-assigned is long gone. In fact, if you can run a house better than a woman, she’ll be majorly impressed!


5. Never judging a woman by her past.

Everyone has their own share of relationships and heartbreaks. And just like a man is allowed to have girlfriends, it’s also a woman’s right to date men without being questioned about her character. 


6. Considering women and men as equals.

There’s nothing about a man that makes him superior to women. Just like there’s nothing about a woman that makes her superior to men. We’re all equal and have equal rights!


7. Never asking a woman to do something he wouldn’t want to do.

A man with double standards is the most unattractive. Don’t want to clean the dishes but expect her to do so? Just not cool!


8. Respecting people from all walks of life including those who don’t earn as much as him.

A real man would never consider someone else any less than him. From the waiter in a restaurant to office boys, drivers and the likes, we need to treat every other human the same way we’d like to be treated ourselves.


9. Not confusing unnecessary aggression with manliness.

Is it the only way you can show your masculinity? Think again.  


10. Enjoying cooking a surprise meal for the woman he loves.

There’s nothing more romantic that a man can do for his woman when she gets back home after a hard day at work. And yes, she’ll certainly do the same for you too! 


11. Asking her for opinions and advice.

It never hurts to get another opinion, right? After all, we can’t possibly know everything. And before you think women don’t know everything, trust me, they do just as much as men, if not more. 


12. Not getting insecure about her guy friends.

Trust is the foundation of every relationship. She had friends before you came into her life. Is there a reason for her to leave them on your arrival?


13. Not making fun of her in front of his friends.

No matter how fun-loving or easy-going your woman, cracking a joke about her in front of her friends is JUST NOT COOL. Would you like it if she did the same to you in front of her friends? 


14. Standing up for her in front of his parents.

Yes, they are your parents but then, she’s also someone important in your life, right? Don’t take sides but stand up for what’s right!


15. Not being embarrassed about letting her drive.

Like a lot of things, driving was considered a man’s job. But now, things have changed. And it’s high time men started keeping up with the changing times! 


16. Actually listening to her when she’s talking.

Being on your phone while she is talking to you is impolite, insensitive and totally not done.


17. Not lying to her about anything.

When two people happen to share lives with each other, lies are not very well entertained.


18. Respecting her private space and letting her be.

Always keeping a check on where she is going and with whom will soon drift your relationship apart. Men who give space are certainly adored by women!


19. Making an effort to look good for her.

If not always, putting on your best outfit sometimes just to meet her for lunch will definitely bring a smile to her face. 


20. Complimenting her without being asked.

We all like to hear good things about ourselves. If you want to be complimented, start by saying a few nice things first. 


Stop focusing on those abs. These are things you need to know!