Drowning in a sea of suggestions on how to lose weight, I spotted a friend of mine, angrily typing about her need to gain weight. Spotting the quote, “Only dogs go after bones, real men go for curves,” did not make it any better for her. 

If you are someone who believes that your ‘skinny’ friends have it easy, you’re wrong. It’s not just the need to lose weight that exists, skinny people also feel the need to gain weight. We often read numerous articles online on how to lose weight but no one gives any tips on how to gain a few kilos. 

Gaining weight might not be the easiest task, but here are a few tips to get you started:

1. It is very important to first know how much weight needs to be gained

This calculation can be done here. It’s a given that sometimes we tend to push ourselves a bit too much. So, take it easy and steadily increase your pace of working towards your goal. 

2. Increase the amount of food intake.

Eat more food on a daily basis in regular intervals. The secret is to take 3 meals a day and 2 snacks between them. It may sound like an easy task, but trust me, it’s not. 

3. A gap of 4 hours does the magic trick.

As most of us are busy, caught between classes and meetings, our body needs a constant supply of food. So within a gap of four hours, just grab another bite or a quick munch to keep you going! 

4. Adopt a diet that includes everything.

Rather than getting bored of just one banana every evening, pair your food item with members from other food charts. Top that banana off with a glass of milk and a spoon of honey so repetitive meals don’t seem boring. 

5. Grab a bite right before crashing.

Grab a plate of food just before you hit the bed. Doctors say a belly full of food helps you fix the tissues you need, as you sleep! This ‘eat-before-you-sleep’ trick is replenishment in every sense. 

6. Stock your cupboard with milk, cheese and cream.

An extra glass of milk, a bit too much peanut butter with the sandwich and some extra cheese are the answers to all your troubles! 

7. A little bit of physical activity everyday will take you a long way.

The age-old mantra of fitness, either to lose or gain, has been physical activity. Paired with the right diet, watch wonders happen. Some of us have a tendency to overdo sometimes, so it is safe to work out under the guidance of a professional trainer. 

8. With professional training, comes professional intake.

The right amount of protein shakes paired with physical training over a period of time will make you gain healthy weight steadily. We’re not talking flabs, but some serious ab formation! 


9. Keep visiting the weighing machine to keep a check on those kilos.

Having done all this hard work, it is only fair that you also monitor your steady progress. Fix an appointment with your weighing machine, everyday at the same time, as our bodies have a tendency to fluctuate weight throughout the day. 

All the best, gainers!