It’s through our travels across unknown lands and territories that we get to experience and learn new things. We learn life lessons, meet new people and see things so beautiful that it becomes hard to put them in words. But we try. Some of us tell our tales through a blog, others tweet about it. Some Instagram the perfect, serene sunrise, while others just sit quietly, taking in all the beauty around them to remember as a memory. And then there’s a bunch who believe in doing things zara hatke, with much style and swag. 

And one among that crazy bunch is this guy who is not only travelling the world, but doing bloody headstands all around. 

Yes, you heard that right. Vinay Pateel from Bengaluru is travelling the world and doing headstands, because why not, right? 

Vinay is an automobile engineer turned visual artist. His many stunning works include paintings, installation art, digital art, and branding, among others. 

But right now, he’s busy travelling and doing headstands in different parts of the world. Like here with Frida Kahlo, in Mexico.

And in a small town called Tequila.

Though he loves his job, his love for travelling is a bug that he loves to feed. 

Here he is in the serene resort town of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, overlooking the bluest of waters.

With all eyes on him at the NYC One World Trade Centre. 

Vinay’s love for travel also happens to be a result of his uneasiness. He tells ScoopWhoop, “I get bored easily. I cannot stay in one place for long. I need to keep moving.” 

Here he is at Liberty State Park in Jersey city. 

 In Puntarenas, Costa Rica

He further adds, “I wanted to put myself in situations that I haven’t experienced before. So I chose to make this trip while living with complete strangers. Going to countries I don’t know the language of and driving with strangers with whom it’s difficult to communicate but always easy to smile.”

Now how can one miss out a picture at this iconic place – Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco.

When people are clicking perfect pictures, why would anyone in the world do headstands, right? Well, Vinay calls himself a shy guy and his love for headstands is quite hard to miss. He says: 

“I’m a shy person and never liked taking pictures. So I don’t have pictures from many trips. And headstands are something I enjoy and it’s a good way to take pictures on a trip rather than regular smiling pictures. Headstands are special to me because I started doing them quite naturally. Two years ago, I randomly attempted a headstand as a funny dare and I could do it in one go without having any practice. Since then, I haven’t stopped doing it.”

At Volcan Arenal, Costa Rica.


In the forests of Costa Rica.


At Central Park, New York.

Well, this guy is surely nailing the headstand, and might I add, quite effortlessly. 

Meanwhile in India, *Trying really hard to sit in Padmasana. Fail miserably.*

While Vinay travels the world, you can follow him on Facebook and check out his Vlogs here