Male entitlement is a concept taught to men over the course of years, with small and big gestures. This doesn’t just lead to inequality but also crimes in society. 

We underestimate what a person is capable of doing when they think they are not getting what they deserve. 

With changing times many of these gestures have come under the scanner and Twitter user Mirza Arif Beg made a list of some of the things that men should be taught from an early age, so that they don’t grow up to become adults who think the world owes them favours.

This includes not being an unreasonably picky eater and being respectful even if their mother cooks something they don’t like.

And then, not automatically assuming that it’s their mother or sister’s job to give them food, wash the dishes, so on and so forth.

These make a lot of sense and here is how people reacted and contributed to the thread.

The problem with teaching men that they can get what they want is that you’re also teaching women that they need to provide the same. When we really don’t.