After Ratan Tata's sunkissed, retro #ThrowbackThursday picture literally broke the internet and deceived Netizens into believing that he was a Hollywood star in his youth, we actually did a bit of digging and scouted more jaw-dropping, vintage images.

Source: ScoopWhoop

These retro pictures prove that Ratan Tata has aged like fine wine:

1. A very young Ratan Tata gracefully enjoying his student life. The bibliophile inside me is screaming.

Source: ScoopWhoop

2. Mr. Tata flexing one of his many unknown talents. Who knew he was a licensed aviator?

Source: Twitter

3. Two of the most inspiring, Indian business tycoons, KPP Nambiar and Ratan Tata in one frame.

Source: Banglore City

4. A retro shot from his Cornell days.

Source: Quora

5. Casually chilling with his college mates and killing it in his crisp white shirt business-casual attire.

Source: MensXp

6. Three generations in one frame.

Source: Success Story

7. A picture of Ratan Tata with his mentor and sensei, J.R.D Tata.

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8. Mr. Tata candidly captured in his power-pose as he paves the way to Tata Industries.

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9. The ex and current chairman of The Tata Group casually chilling together.

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10. Ratan Tata and J.R.D Tata bonding with employees in this heartwarming shot.

Source: India Today

I don't know about y'all but I'm totally crushing on Ratan Tata after seeing these retro pictures.