The simplest of things around us often hide the most elaborate concepts. And we tend to take so many things for granted that often, brilliance lying around in our daily items goes unnoticed. 

Now, imagine a stainless steel blade. What did you see? An almost rectangular, sharp edged lustrous tiny object, right? But why is it shaped the way it is? What are the holes on it for?


Well, it’s not just for cutting it into two halves. People who still use old-fashioned razors, use one portion of it for shaving, preserving the other half for later use. 


But that’s not it. So, what is the objective behind this peculiar design? 

Well, before Gillette introduced its modern day stylish razors…


…to give that perfect clean-shaven look.


The classic steel bladed razors had a stem and a holder for the blade. The hole simply allowed the holders containing the blade to fit in. 

On a personal note, we’d like to pay homage to all the razors out there, old fashioned or battery-run, as they give us McDreamy men.


So much thought goes into everyday items to make our lives better, isn’t it?

Masthead Image Source: fashionbeans Feature Image Source: welivesecurity