When you’re the CEO of a multi-billion company, you are expected to have top notch style, a refined sense of fashion, and all that responsibility to turn up suited up day in and day out.

But Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, and a new dad to his beautiful daughter, Max, is not your conventional CEO. He believes there are far more important things than dressing up in a certain way. 


Announcing the end of his 2 month paternity leave, Mark posted this picture on, duh Facebook, where else?

If your observation powers have some credibility to them, then you’d have noticed that our man here likes to keep it simple and hassle-free. He wears the same type of T-shirts and hoodies, mostly grey in colour. But why would the CEO of a multi-billion company wear similar clothes day after day? When someone asked Mark this million-dollar question, he had a very interesting answer. 

This is what he had to say:

So, instead of spending time on making silly and frivolous decisions like what to wear today, Mark just keeps it simple. Now isn’t that a priceless idea!