Do you want to know about the extent of my fashion knowledge? Apparently, it’s this: one of my friends once held up two shirts. I choose the one on the left. She asked, “What color do you think is better?” I said, “Aren’t they both red?”

Awkward silence.

So, yeah, when people around me started going gaga over Jogger shirts, (you have no idea the willpower it took me to type g-a-g-a) my first reaction was of confusion. So, I did a little reading up, and yup, I think Jogger shirts are the one true piece of clothing made for me.

Okay, first of all: you can’t go wrong with this fabric.

Now, the popular notion is that us guys don’t really care about the way we look. That’s not true. We just don’t have the strength to plan what we wear, so the first thing within our reach it is. Denim, therefore, is the preferred option. It’s best for when we want to switch things up while still looking casual AF. 

Second: Denim Shirts + Jogger knits sounds like a win-win scenario.

I cannot tell you how relieved and impressed I am with the wonder that are jogger pants. They are comfortable and fashionable (which, trust me, is a hard combo to find). So, what do you get when you combine the convenience of jogger knits with a classic texture like that of denim? A pure fashion marvel, I say.  

This is right up there in the must-have category, which is all we want from life, really. 

This one is for all those people who think we (or I, at least) love wearing outrageous prints and colors. Just… No. When it comes to my clothes, I like them to be pretty basic. I would much rather have good texture on my clothes than a scene from a comic book or a graffiti. Hands down, Jogger shirts are the definition of basic. They’re simple yet suave and they’re going to have a place in my closet soon.

And of course, since it’s made of Jogger knits, the comfort factor is wayyyy high. 

That’s another thing us guys search for when we look at clothes. We don’t want clothes that stick to our skins like a wet towel, or those that are large enough to irritate every time we move. My clothes tend to be a second skin… a very comfortable, soft, yet durable and rugged second skin. Let me tell you something about Jogger shirts: what I’ve seen so far does not disappoint. 

Case in point, this amazing thang:

All hail the Jogger Shirt!

Take my advice, guys. If you’re looking for some serious style upgrade this season, you should consider having one of these in your closet. What’s more, Mufti has launched an exclusive new collection of these beauties, and they are sure to win you over. Check them out here, and get one right effing now at a store near you!