Women Will Not Get More Than 5/10 In This Male Sex Ed Quiz

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Ladies, were you really paying attention to your sex education classes in school? If yes, it’s time to test your knowledge out!

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1. The _____ or male reproductive cell, carries chromosomes from the father.

2. How far can penises shoot sperm?

3. What does a guy usually experience during puberty?

4. How many days can a sperm survive in the uterus?

5. How many chromosomes do we recieve from our father?

6. Where are the sperms produced? 

7. Which hormone is released by the hypothalamus in males at the emergence of puberty?

8. What fills up the penis in the course of an erection, that makes it hard?

9. Sexual intercourse happens when:

10. Penis is made up of two parts:

...and these are your results!


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