The captain of the Indian women's cricket team, Mithali Raj, is known for many things: her remarkable game, her sportsmanship, and her sincerity. But the internet (and the nation) loves it when she knocks more than just cricket balls out of the park. 

Needless to say, she doesn't take it lying down when it comes to dealing with trolls or sexists. 

Source: b'Source: Sports Wallah'

Remember the time she shut up a journalist who asked her a sexist question?

Well guess what, she is at it again, and how. 

Recently, Mithali took to Twitter to share a picture of her at a promotional event recently. 

Like the many idiots that lurk on social media, one @ashimdchoudhury took it upon himself to try and body-shame Raj for her sweaty armpits. 

Well, read on to see how Raj knocked the troll out of the park and won the internet, yet again. 

And Twitter was all applause. 

Take a bow, Mithali!