A young man from Bhiwandi in Maharashtra's Thane district publicly proposed to his girlfriend on bended knees and later hugged her. He was applauded and cheered by his friends and some passersby. 

However, what followed were threats and demands for an apology for violating religious norms after a video of the couple was uploaded on the Internet. In fact it got so bad that the couple reportedly had to flee the city to avoid the harassment. 

The incident which took place on March 11 outside the girl's college was recorded by someone on a mobile phone and it was later uploaded on social media. 

Here is the video:  

Soon afterwards, the couple and their families started receiving threats from Muslim organisations such as National Lokhind Party (NLP)and Raza Academy for going 'against the religion'. 

Raza Academy forced them to issue a public apology while NLP threatened they would make the couple do squats in public as punishment, reports The Times of India.

The boy later posted a video on YouTube apologising for his 'mistake' . In the video, he said that he owns up for what he did and no one else should be held responsible for it. He also clarified that the girl was his fiance, whom he is set to marry with the approval of parents from both sides.

Here is the video:

 The police has promised the couple protection if needed and action against those who have threatened and harassed them.