If you live on the internet, then you’ve most definitely heard of this Korean boy band. They began their journey back in 2013 and have since become a global phenomena. BTS aka Bangtan Boys (Bangtan Sonyeondan) has seven bandmates: RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook. Not only is the band breaking charts and records worldwide, they are also bringing about a social change in the world. 

Here are 13 times BTS made us fall in love with them by proving that they have the kindest hearts:

1. When BTS donated $1 million to the Black Lives Matter campaign

In a stand against police brutality and discrimination, BTS and their record label Big Hit Entertainment donated $1 million to support the Black Lives Matter campaign. A huge sum, which the BTS ARMY decided to match with their own donations. 

2. When Jin became a part of UNICEF Korea’s Honors Club

In 2019, Jin contributed at least 100 million won (around $83,000) to the organisation’s cause and became an exclusive member of the UNICEF Korea’s Honors Club. 

3. When RM donated over $80,000 to Seoul Samsung School

To celebrate his 25th birthday, RM donated 100 million won (around $83,000) to a school in order to help students with hearing impairments receive music education.

4. When Jimin donated $87,914 to the Busan Metropolitan City Office of Education

This year, Jimin donated desks and chairs for 1200 students attending his alma mater, Busan High School of Arts. Last year, Jimin had donated 100 million won to the Busan Metropolitan City Office of Education, out of which, 30% went towards his alma mater. 

5. When J-Hope donated to Child Fund Korea

On his birthday in 2019, J-Hope donated 150 million won to Child Fund Korea, specifically towards his high school in Gwangju. In 2018, J-Hope had made a similar donation to Child Fund Korea of 100 million won to support low-income students. 

6. When Suga donated to the Korea Pediatric Cancer Foundation

To mark his 25th birthday, Suga donated 100 million won to Korea Pediatric Cancer Foundation, in order to help children who are battling cancer. And the icing on the cake? He made the donation under the name ‘ARMY’. 

7. When BTS donated to families of the victims of the Sewol Ferry disaster

BTS and their record label donated 100 million won to the Sewol Ferry Disaster 416 Family Council in 2017. Each of the members donated 10 million won and their record label added 30 million won to the funds. 

8. When BTS began the UNICEF ‘Love Myself’ Campaign

In 2017, BTS and Big Hit Entertainment began the Love Myself anti-violence campaign with UNICEF, making them the first artist in South Korea to raise social funds for a global campaign. They pledged to donate $447,400 and 3% of the Love Yourself series’ physical album sales income, along with 500 million won from the members and the label. They also donated 100% of all sales of official Love Myself campaign goods to the campaign. 

Love Myself

9. When Suga secretly donated 10 kg of Korean Hanwoo beef to orphans

In 2014, Suga promised his fans he would treat them to some meat when he had the money. Years later, in 2018 Suga made a donation to 39 orphanages under ARMY’s name to fulfil his promise. 

10. When BTS was spotted using a fan’s gift from years ago

If you thought BTS wasn’t adorable enough, the pop stars still use the bowls their fan gifted them on their 300 day anniversary. The four-piece bowl set costs $10 and has come a long way from the dorms the band members used to their home now.  


11. When Jin donated to the Korean Animal Welfare Association

In 2018, Jin donated food, bowls, and blankets for our furry friends to celebrate his birthday with a good cause. 

12. When BTS donated $1million to support concert crew 

Amidst the pandemic, BTS decided to donate $1 million to Crew Nation, in order to support concert crew who have been out of work due to the lockdown. 

13. When Suga sent handwritten notes to the Army on his birthday

In 2015, Suga celebrated his birthday by preparing presents which included his polaroid photos and hand-written notes for the ARMY who attended his birthday event. 

BTS, we purple you!