Be it some hep Hip-Hop numbers or some soulful soft tunes, there is barely any genre that Diljit Dosanjh has not touched with an amazing voice. Dosanjh’s charming voice literally pulls you towards the dance floor even if you don’t understand a word of the song.   

So, here are some very popular Diljit Dosanjh songs that you can dance to or just vibe with your headphones on at any time and any place.  

1. Laembadgini 

This modern bhangra number is a song that no one can stop dancing to even after 4 years since its release.     

2. Do You Know  

You’ll be crazy if you *don’t know* this number which pretty much made Dosanjh a worldwide sensation. 

3. Raat Di Gedi 

If you don’t play this song while going on a drive with your friends, well it’s high time you do.    

4. Patiala Peg 

This peppy number might be for all the broken hearts, but it also has a happy ending. The song, the steps and the alcohol is a complete party starter. 

5. 5 Taara 

A love song which is also a great dance number. Need we say more? 

6. Putt Jatt Da 

Dosanjh looks like an actual king in this one and totally makes us feel like one too after listening to this number.   

7. Ikk Kudi 

A soft tune for a romantic night that surely makes every heart melt. 

8. Proper Patola ft. Badshah  

This groovy Punjabi hit is still one on everyone’s party playlist. 

9. Sweetu 

This will surely make your SO’s heart melt. You gotta sing it to know it. 

10. G.O.A.T. 

We can not deny that this song indeed is the greatest of all times. 

11. Sauda Khara Khara ft. Sukhbir 

While remixes do spoil some great songs, this version by Diljit made sure that we love this original by Sukhbir even more. 

12. Muchh 

The true pride of every Punjabi wrapped in a cool song. 

13. Mitran Da Junction 

You want to learn some bhangra? Well, you’ll listen to this track and know how to do so automatically. 

14. Happy Birthday 

Literally the modern day anthem of every birthday party. 

15. Born To Shine 

He shines and makes you feel like you do too with this song.    

Truly a gifted guy.