When it comes to festivals how can one forget to talk about the pioneer of music festivals in India, NH7 Weekender. 

While Weekender Shillong was already a hit, it’s time to gear up for the one in Pune. So, here is a list of artists we can’t wait to see at Bacardi NH7 Weekender Pune on its 10th year anniversary.   

1. Nick Murphy (Chet Faker)

Australian singer-songwriter Nick Murphy AKA Chet Faker became popular after he came out with romantic and sensual music like Talk is Cheap and No Diggity and he is headlining on the third day of weekender i.e. 1st December.

2. Opeth

If you’re an avid metal fan then you sure as hell would know about this Swedish progressive metal band. Get ready to headbang to your favourite tracks of the band as they are the headliners on the second day of the festival i.e. 30th November. 

3. Kodaline

From All I Want to High Hopes, this super melodious rock band is ready to set the stage on fire as they headline the event on the first day of weekender i.e. 29th November. 

4. Bhayanak Maut

Even though the band might not be the same without the ‘guttural twins’ AKA vocalists Vinay Venkatesh and Sunneith Revankar, the band came out with new music and sure as hell will make one headbang like crazy. They will perform on 30th November.  

5. Swarathma

This Bangalore-based Indian Folk/fusion band is ready to take over the Weekender stage and rich tunes will surely make you appreciate a little more.  They will perform on 20th November. 

6. Garden City Movement

This electronic indie-pop band is coming all the from Israel and will surely make you groove and dance like a maniac. They will perform on 1st December. 


What happens when you mix raps and headbanging? Well, this London-based band sure as hell makes it look super amazing. So, get ready to hear a mixture of hip-hop and metal and decide whether you wanna growl or dance. They will perform on 30th November. 

8. Midival Punditz 

Musicians, Gaurav Raina and Tapan Raj mix a lot of sounds beats to make their music and it sounds so good. So, be ready to listen to some bhangra, Oldschool jungle, electronica, and North Indian classical music all wrapped into one. They will perform on 29th November. 

9. Arunaja

The Stage season two’s Arunaja sure knows how to mesmerise her listeners with her powerful voice. Not only will she own the stage but will make you love her. She will perform on 30th November. 

10. Black Letters

Originating from Kochi, this alt-rock band will sway you away with its scintillating music and amazing lyrics. They will perform on 29th November. 

11. Easy Wanderlings

This Pune-based band has been in the headlines since they released their new EP this year. Their easy-going music and flowy lyrics will make you want to sit and just chill at the festival. They will perform on 29th November.  

12. Faridkot

This New Delhi- based Sufi/rock band will make you want to play an air guitar while feeling those raw indie vibes.  They will perform on 29th November. 

13. Fopchu

This three-piece Delhi-based band has a mix of electronic with a hit of jazz. Their foot-tapping music will want to take your drink and just jive to it. They will perform on 1st December. 


JBABE is F16’s Josh Fernandes’s solo project. His music is a fusion of indie-pop mixed with rhythm and blues. So, if you want to feel to just kick back and vibe at the festival, his music is it. He will perform on 1st December.  

15. Ramya Pothuri

Singer-songwriter Ramya Pothuri’s music is something that will make you want to hear her over and over. Her melodious voice and her meaningful lyrics is something that will make you love her music. She will perform on 30th November. 

Can’t wait to be at the happiest music festival.