Daft Punk has remained one of the most loved and renowned names in the electronic dance industry. The French duo’s music has topped the charts across the globe and has literally been the life of every party.     

But the duo broke millions of hearts following their split after almost 3 decades. So, here are our favourite Daft Punk songs that will keep their crazy legacy alive. 

1. Get Lucky ft. Pharrell Williams and Nile Rodgers

A pure form of disco music, this song actually made them commercially popular. 

2. Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

This song inspired Kanye West’s chart-topping 2007 single Stronger. But this original song has a fun composition of its own to set it apart.   

3. Instant Crush Ft. Julian Casablancas

Unlike their peppy numbers, this one had a very low-key party vibes. 

4. Digital Love 

This song was all about love and longing and primarily built on a funky jazz fusion track. 

5. Da Funk 

This song was inspired by the G-Funk grooves and was the duo’s first hit single in its new guise after a brief indie-rock career. 

6. Around the World 

This song was a fusion of disco, funk and electro which ushered in a new age of dance music. 

7. One More Time 

Easily one of the grooviest songs that could lead anyone to tap their feet. 

8. Robot Rock 

A complete fusion of rock themes and electronic notes, this song is one of a kind. 

9. Face to Face

Everything that the duo stand for was in this composition making it a perfect dance number. 

10. The Weeknd, ‘Starboy’ / ‘I Feel It Coming’ 

Literally two of the catchiest songs that made Weeknd a world-renowned name. 

We will miss their amazing copositions.