There are some songs or melodies that are so close to you, that no matter where you are, you'll instantly drop everything just to sing along. 

90s kids, would you believe me if I told you that while scrolling through my Instagram, I found a band that's reviving melodies and songs from our childhood? 

From the title track of Shaktiman to jamming to a desi 90's jingle ad mash-up, a band who call themselves The 9teen is making us take a trip down memory lane with their acoustic covers: 

In an exclusive, up-close and personal interview with ScoopWhoop, the band told us about their inspiration to start reviving old melodies: 

People forgot about these songs but the magic about these songs is that as soon as people would hear it, it would take them back to their childhood. 

It all started when the trio crossed paths for the first time in a college-based talent show. They all were performing individually  and realised that they would make a good team. 

Quite a One Direction type moment, isn't it? 

When I first visited their page, it felt like a time capsule where the melodies we grew up listening to were trending and cool again! 

I mean who knew that the title tracks from Ekta Kapoor's soap operas had what it takes to create waves of nostalgia coursing through your veins? 

And who would have thought that these catchy caller tunes that we all grew up listening to on an hourly basis would disappear from our lives? 

Their locked and loaded dose of jamming that came with the wave of lockdown was just the comfort we all were seeking during these horrid times:

Though one of the group members revealed that they sometimes receive backlash from people who think that this isn't 'real music' but for a 90's kid this band's covers reek of our childhood memories. 

With their innovative, creative minds and their string instruments, The 9teen is making the 90's and early 2000s cool again!