Bollywood songs are love and zodiac signs are the best pastime. So this time, we decided to mix them both and come up with something absolutely mind-blowing. 

1. Aries

Arians are go-getters who ooze confidence. Their awesomeness makes everyone else envious of them but they have zero fucks to give!

I’m sorry, is my swag way too much for you to handle?” 

2. Taurus

Taurians are loved everywhere they go, but they’re immensely stubborn about everything and absolutely hate to be told what to do.  

Once you dig your heels in, there’s no way in hell you’re listening to anyone else.

3. Gemini

Known for being intellectual, Geminis are quite inquisitive. But being overtly expressive is the highlight of their personality.  

There’s no concept of mental privacy in your life and no matter where you go, you always get an audience for your over the top drama.

4. Cancer

Cancerians are kind-hearted who love spending time with their family and friends. One more thing that they love spending is money, which leaves them broke at the end of every month. 

Adulting is a myth and money, a state of mind! 

5. Leo

They strike a perfect balance between everything in their life. They have an eye for beautiful things and they consider themselves as the most beautiful gift to mankind.

You feel that vain and narcissist are the best compliments ever.

6. Virgo

A Virgo is very particular about everything and is always looking to improve themselves. But it’s their nature to pick on everything that makes them a cribber.

You set out to make a change and be a warrior. But, unfortunately, you end up being the worrier.

7. Libra

Librans find entertainment in everything. They’re the most energetic people who keep everyone’s spirits high with their positivity. 

Life is one grand party and while you’re here, you’d better show off your best moves.

8. Scorpio

Scorpions are known for being extremely passionate. But when they feel vulnerable, there is no end to their cynicism.

Even though nobody cares, you always feel that everyone is out to get you.

9. Sagittarius

Sagittarians are always looking for new opportunities and are always up for adventure. They don’t like to settle at anything, especially their love life. 

Flirting is your forte and you make no secret of your intentions.

10. Capricorn

No one can match the hard work and perseverance of a Capricorn. Unfortunately, it may not always work in their favour.

Frustrated one sided lovers association was probably founded by a Capricorn.

11. Aquarius

Kind, gentle, and forgiving, an Aquarian is the first person to help someone in need. They can also be spotted making animated gestures with exaggerated expressions.

You’re the one who reenacts every moment while telling a story.

12. Pisces

Pisceans put their heart into every thing. They’re always looking out for ways to help others; are full of energy and can barely contain their excitement.

You can’t get yourself to calm down. Ever.

Design credits: Aakansha Pushp.