Everyone has picked up a hobby in lockdown, something to make us feel better. And this 6-year-old is no different. Taking after his musical father, Ishaan is singing our favourite songs with his father playing the guitar for him. 

Look at that adorable smile! He sure knows how to win hearts. In just a span of three months, Ishaan has already garnered a fan following and his videos now have more than 40K views. 

Ishaan’s father, Gaurav Chintamani is a Course Director of the Audio Engineering and Music Production Programme at the Sri Aurobindo Centre for Arts and Communication (SACAC), a music producer and the bassist of Advaita. So the fact that Ishaan sounds absolutely angelic comes as no surprise because talent seems to run in this family. 

There’s always music playing around the house and that he has a proclivity for picking melodies up. During the lockdown, the activity intensified. When he sang blackbird, by the Beatles I put that video up. And now it has just become a thing. He picks up a tune or two a week and then tells me which one he wants to practice with me. 

-Gaurav Chintamani

In his cute little jammies, Ishaan is truly a star in the making. People aren’t just loving his voice but also his fashion sense. 

We can’t wait to see more of him.