When you're in school, the entire idea to get acknowledged by your peers or be one of the 'popular ones' was to know every new dance music track. 

And some 10 years back when sharing music was the only cool way to 'up your game', everyone was introduced to the OG DJ of the century - David Guetta. 

Guetta came into all of our lives from nowhere and became the most-heard artist on everyone's MP3 or iPod's playlist. He gave clubbing, birthday parties and even weddings a whole new twist that we didn't even know we needed. 

He actually was the first to let us desi youth know what the hell EDM really was. 

His music went viral the day we all were introduced to Sexy Chick. It was that time in our lives when clubbing was super new to us and this combination with Akon was the ultimate dance number every-damn-where. 
(We understand the lyrics were problematic, but this song was truly a breakout anthem.)

After that, he gave some back to back hits like Memories and Gettin' Over You and we all knew that this man cemented his place in our lives forever. 

Many DJ's started emerging after Guetta made a name for himself all over the world and sure they were good, but this guy kept throwing back to back hits at us which was incomparable. 

I remember, when he came out with Titanium, literally every place that had a slight clue what music was exploded with that song, not for days or weeks but for years. In fact, if any of us still hear this song it's tough to not burst out singing along the lyrics. 

Even the people who didn't like English music, danced like crazy on this song. 

Whether it was a Without You with Usher, Who's that Chick with Rihanna or a Hey Mama with Nicky Minaj, Guetta not only made some sick beats with his music but also collaborated with the most badass artists of our times. 

A lot of 'electronic dance DJ's' have come and gone, but David Guetta will always stand tall with his chart topping hits and larger than life music.