Edward Maya was my first introduction to the closest that I would get to EDM. His Stereo Love was a party anthem for us ’90s kids. However, soon, a lot of new artists came and Edward Maya faded into oblivion for me. 

There is so much more to this handsome Romanian DJ than Stereo Love. Edward is a well-known face in the music industry and has made himself popular for his unique style, mesmerizing lyrics and the inevitable spell that he casts on his audience. 

Here are some of his songs that you should check out if you liked Stereo Love. 

1. Historia De Amor

One of his latest releases, this song just goes on to prove that the man’s still got it. With a similar signature tune, Edward Maya’s music does wonders, as always!

2. This Is My Life

The perfect blend of Romanian music and international EDM, you’ll fall in love with this one.

3. Desert Rain

Inspired by an old Romanian folklore, this one is a great listen.

4. Close To You

Another foot tapping number, add this one to your party playlist already. 

5. Mono In Love

Mono In Love is for all the hopeless lovers out there.

6. Out Of Love

In or out of love, you will like this song for its peppy beats. 

7. Happy for You

You are definitely going to be happy after listening to this one.


8. Feeling

With songs as hypnotising as his looks, there’s not one feeling that this man does not evoke in us. 

9. Friends Forever

Perfectly describing the bond between two close friends, you ought to dedicate this song to your best friend.

10. Twin Heart

Twin Heart captures the painful side of chemical attacks.

11. Universal Love

A man who has hit top charts across the world, Edward is definitely Universal Love for us!

12. Next Door

This one surely hits nostalgia at all the right places, reminding us of the good old days.


13. Close Your Eyes

14. Back Home

This one is so going to be my caller tune. The music in the beginning is so soothing. 

15. Colombian Girl

So jealous of this Colombian Girl TBH! 

16. Angel Of Love

Need a track to kick start your morning? Look no further.

17. You And Me

When the lover talks about love, it’s the only thing you need to hear everyday. Keep giving us such tracks, Edward. 

18. Love Of My Life

Edward Maya can be anybody’s ‘Love Of My Life’. No questions asked.

19. Stay Longer

With such songs, Edward Maya should stay longer than longest. A love struck soul can hope, right?

20. Avicii ft Edward Maya Style – Amor

One of the latest additions to his amazing work, this one is a collaboration with Avicii. Two people we adore, together. What’s not to love?



*Going on a downloading spree.*

Feature Image Source: static.tilllate.es