Punjabi pop songs are fun. Their compositions have the supreme power to lift our moods. You can enjoy them anywhere and anytime. Lyrics samajh aaye ya na aaye, bas haath uthao, go balle-balle, and watch the wonders those tracks can do for you.

Speaking of which, a video of one Sikh family grooving to a Punjabi track while cheering up their ailing grandfather is going viral.


A Twitter user @advsanjoy shared the clip on the platform which shows the family members performing Bhangra steps on Punjabi singer Sharry Mann’s popular song, 3 Peg, for the grandfather. Dadaji, who is bed-ridden, can be seen smiling while looking at them dancing for him. Dadi, probably his wife, goes near the bed, holds his hand, and continues dancing to cheer him up. The whole video is damn sweet.


In the caption, the Twitter user imagined how would Bengalis cheer him up.

The bong equivalent would have been to get together and sing dreary Rabindra Sangeet on themes of death and afterlife (sic).


Watch the video here:

Twitterati are in awe of this sweet sight. Check out their reactions:

No other way to do it! This is celebrating life (sic)! 


this video is so heart warming. A reason why I really like the Punjabi community is they find a way to have fun in everything! This music is so healing that the old man would jump out of his hospital bed and do balle balle (sic)!


This is actually very true. Sometimes, we dance like this to make my dadi eat her food and medicine, especially when she throws a tantrum and picks up her chappal to hit us (sic). 


Punjabis are not people but the personification of Joy nd Fun. No anxiety or depression can occur if ppl live life with this attitude (sic). 


Isi baat par ho jaaye balle-balle ek baar?

Coming back to the viral video, how beautiful this moment of celebrating life is. Where are the tissues?