Street art has always remained a raw form of expression. Beautiful murals painted over walls represent not just the artists, but the essence of the neighborhood and the city. Street art has existed in India for a long time, although earlier its use was limited to movie posters and political slogans. Now, the horizon has broadened to the point where we can finally see expressions

Suede Gully, India’s Biggest Street Collab, witnessed seven such artists paint the streets of different Indian cities, like never before. 

Let’s meet a few of them:

Baadal Nanjundaswamy

Badal is an alumnus of Chamarajendra Academy of Visual arts and is well-known for his 3D paintings, murals, sculptures, and art installations. Most of his work is satirical which is meant to draw government’s attention to things that matter.

Anpu Varkey 

Anpu is a Delhi-based painter and street artist who had her first encounter with street art in Berlin, Germany. Anpu was originally a studio painter, but after her trip to Germany, she took up street art and has been painting some amazing murals across the country. 

Shilo Shiv Suleman

Shilo Shiv Suleman is a visual artist whose work focuses on art for social change and technology. She has designed amazing installations at some of the biggest festivals across the world including Burning Man.

Along with these super-talented folks, were Zake and the Indian Artist who painted the streets red, white and blue, and in possibly all the colors you can imagine. All the more reasons for one to get excited about Suede Gully which happens to be India’s biggest street collab. Their official video that was launched recently has already crossed 2 million views. It has got really insane visuals of these artists jamming with India’s best dancers and rappers. You’ll know what I am talking about once you watch it yourself: