At a time when Indian television was still flirting with the concept of reality shows, Channel V’s initiative to create homegrown popstars had resulted in a second round of success. With Coke V Popstars they gave us Aasma – the pop music band that created an instant connection with the audience. 

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The band released two albums in their short-lived career span, and gave us popular hits like ““Chandu Ke Chacha” and “Tumse Hi Pyar”. But like any music band is prone, Aasma too had a fallout, post which, the band members stuck to their music. They worked on their independent careers in the industry and have all fared rather well for themselves.

 Let’s take a look at what the band members have been upto:

Jimmy Felix 

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Music is Jimmy’s passion and over the years, the singer has struggled to create his own space in the competitive world of music industry. He is a singer-songwriter and has been performing live shows in Mumbai, he also travels across the country for his performances, which include background dancers and costumes and masaledaar entertainment. 

Neeti Mohan has taken to playback singing and has sung for many popular Bollywood films like – Gunday and Bang Bang. She has also featured in television shows like MTV Unplugged and Comedy Nights with Kapil, but this Aasma girl has her eyes locked on the prize and is steadily gaining attention in her playback singing career.

Sangeet Haldipur

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Sangeet is now a music composer and a singer. With his brother Siddarth Haldipur (who you may remember from A Band Of Boys), the duo has composed several songs for television shows, Bollywood films, and Marathi films. They are also regulars on the live performance circuit.

Vasudha Sharma

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After the band parted, Vasudha went abroad to pursue her studies in music from Berklee College of Music in Boston, USA. She has created her own space which has a nice indie filter and vibe in the world of music. Besides performing solo gigs and live shows this independent musician has also worked on a fusion album called ‘Attuned Spirits’.

The band members have respectively carved their own niche in the music industry. However, some of us secretly wish that they would get together and give us another hit album to listen to.