Remember the Las Ketchup song from the early 2000s, which made you sing along even though you had no idea what you were singing?

Well, I’ve got news about that song and if you’ve been a fan of the gibberish chorus then I suggest you sit down somewhere. Cos this Twitter thread is going to turn your life upside down.

b’Source: Tumblr’

So the song starts by saying that it is about a man called Diego. 

b’Source: Tumblr’

The lyrics then roughly translate to “with the moon in his pupils, and leftover contraband on his blue suit.” Which means Diego was high for sure.

Then Diego goes to a club which is super-packed, but he doesn’t care. He loves to dance.

He knows the DJ in the club, which means he gets the club to play his favourite song at midnight.

And what is Diego’s favourite song? 

Rapper’s Delight by The Sugarhill Gang!


Was actually supposed to be this


Some of the reactions this thread got were as following:

I still can’t believe there is *actual* meaning behind that gibberish chorus, and that my whole life has been a lie. 

H/T: Buzzfeed