Every once in a while, we all find ourselves fawning over supremely talented people who have mastered their craft at a very young age. And thanks to technology, we get to engage with these gems more and more. One such musical prodigy I’ve recently come across is the 15-year-old, Shivank Menon, Mumbai’s very own pianist and composer.

In fact, Shivank’s Poem Mélancolique is something I’ve been listening to on loop and I bet you would too!  

Check it out below! 

Young Shivank was drawn towards music at an early age and dabbled with piano for a few years. But it was only two years ago that he focused more on it while taking huge inspiration from pianist and composers ranging from Ravel, Chopin, Debussy, and Rachmaninoff.  

In 2016, Shivank started learning piano remotely from the London Contemporary School of Piano. The school, since then, recognised his unique talents, and in June 2018, invited him to record his own music as part of the school’s In-Residence Program.  

Poem Mélancolique was initially first composed in Mumbai in December 2018, and he completed the piece in London alongside his piano coaches. This debut piece pays homage to some of Shivank’s western classical influences such as Chopin, Scriabin, and Rachmaninoff. 

For Shivank, his compositions are a way to follow his passion in its purest form. And when one creates something with such dedication, it is bound to show. Poem Mélancolique has already received over 3 million views on YouTube in under a month, making it the number one YouTube classical piano hit in India.  

It is exciting to see how young talent in India is on an all-time rise. We see dancers, musicians, artists come up with unique compositions that blow our minds and we only hope to see more of it. So, go watch the video again, share it with your BFFs, and thank me for being your music messiah later!