The minute you hear these lines playing in a mall, you take out that imaginary microphone and start singing your heart out. You don’t look whose around you and whether they are judging you for your crappy singing, but this ‘tune’ is your bloody jam. 

Near, far, wherever you are
I believe that the heart does go on

This ‘jam’ is not just any song, it is the legendary My Heart Will Go On from the record-shattering movie Titanic. The one Celine Dion song that we literally know every word to. In fact, it’s the first song we all learnt the entire lyrics of. 

It was one of those songs that we downloaded with our shitty internet and played over and over on our CD players and MP3’s until we got each word of the lyrics right. 

Titanic, one of the first English movies has gifted us with a heartfelt song which still remains a very big part of our lives.

I mean, if you didn’t cry your eyes out when Rose let Jack drown while this song was playing in the background, then are you even a normal human being? 

This power ballad, better known as the Titanic theme song was not just any song. It was a song that touches every chord of our hearts even now. It is that song which not only takes us through the nostalgic lane of romance but also reminds us of the unforgettable love story of Jack and Rose. 

No matter which part of the country you lived in, you knew about this movie and you knew about this song. 

Metro Times

It was not just the movie, but Celine Dion, who created a ripple with this song across the world in a way that permanently left its mark. 

Whether it was singing in a competition or our parents forcibly asking us to sing in front of the guests, this song always rescued us. It made us believe that a little Celine Dion is in all of us. And well, isn’t that the point?

You can listen to the song here.