Prime Minister Narendra Modi  just concluded his maiden visit to the North-Eastern state of Meghalaya, and from the pictures, it looks like he thoroughly enjoyed himself.

Facebook/Narendra Modi

In Meghalaya to attend the 65th plenary meeting of the North Eastern Council,  Modi was seen doing touristy things on Saturday in Mawphlang. He took pictures, spoke of the immense beauty of the region and even played the traditional Khasi drums, a locally popular form of percussion. 

Tech savvy as he is, the Prime Minister immediately took to Twitter to put up pictures and posts about the beautiful and vibrant state, 

“First they taught me how to play it and then one of them patted me on the back. A special moment. Honoured and humbled. No bigger privilege than being lauded by the people of the nation,” the Prime Minister said.

Here is a video the PM posted on Twitter of him playing the Khasi drums: 

Here are some pictures of the trip that he tweeted: 

The Prime Minister most definitely has a penchant for playing local musical instruments on his trips to foreign lands. Earlier, he played the Taiko drums in Japan, and a traditional fiddle called Morin Khurr on his trip to Mongolia. 

(Feature Image Source: PTI)