Floyd is legendary for their live shows, replete with lights, set designs and visuals taken literally from the future. This 1994 concert is yet again, proof of that.

1. Pink Floyd – Pulse


2. Talking Heads

Arguably the greatest live concert of all time. Not only is it a visual extravaganza, this rendition of Burning Down the House is a frenetic speedball guaranteed to get you dancing.


3. Nirvana – Live At The Paramount

The fuzzy brilliance of Kurt Cobain and company is on full display in this show. It’s amazing how they managed to sound so powerful despite just being 3 people, but then, that’s why they’re one of the greatest bands of all time.

4. Red Hot Chili Peppers – Live at Slane Castle 

John Frusciante is back with the group, but while he wasn’t pretty much everyone was just watching this performance on repeat. It’s quite perfect really, and everyone’s on their A-game.

5. The Doors – Live At The Hollywood Bowl

This 1968 banger has some surprisingly great audio and video. Combine that with the absolute chaotic energy of Morrisson, Ray and the rest, and what you have is well… magic.


6. Bob Marley – Live at Santa Barbara

The original Rastaman, with his legendary band The Wailers. If you’re all about peace, love, unity, and respect, remember that this was the man who pretty much started it all. It’s also a must-watch if you smoke weed. 

7. Led Zeppelin – Live at Madison Square Garden

This is one of those performances that people still talk about with awe. Jimmy Page was on fire, John Paul Jones was killing it, Bonzo was bashing the cymbals like nobody’s business, and Plant was being the best banshee he could be. What I would give to have been there!


8. Queen – Live at Wembley Stadium 

The year was 1986. The stadium was packed, and Freddie Mercury gave us the performance of a lifetime. The energy in this show man – it’s electric!

9. VULFPECK – Live at Madison Square Garden

If you haven’t heard this band, you’re seriously missing out. It’s a bunch of virtuoso musicians making the funkiest, danciest, juiciest music you’ve ever heard. And this live show man, it’s something else. 

10. James Brown – Woodstock 99

The Godfather of Soul got that moniker for a reason. If you thought the band above was funky, well you can thank James Brown for the inspiration. Keep in mind, he’s 66 years old in this, and still killing it!

11. Amy Winehouse – Live at Porchester Hall

Truly one of the greats – Amy Winehouse left a void with her departure that still hasn’t been filled. If your memories of her brilliance are fuzzy, here’s a powerful reminder.

The neighbours are going to hear some killer tunes tonight!