With the wedding season upon us, people are exploring new things. Whether it’s the clothes or wearing sneakers with lehenga. 

Taking this a step forward, we have found some good music for you (if no one’s taking it, I will). Shehnai player Ankit, who goes by the name Shehnai Guy on Instagram, uploads many renditions of Bollywood songs and while all of them are amazing, there is one which is doing rounds on Twitter.

In the video, he playing the tune of the popular Hindi song Aye, Kya Bolti Tu, and is accompanied by a violent player named Lauren.

As you can tell, it’s mighty impressive to pull of something like this and we can’t get enough of it. 

While we’re at it, here’s another great rendition from him that we’re sure you’ll enjoy. 

Gotta get married just to have these play for feels.