ICYMI, AR Rahman recently sang at the Wembley concert in London. But that is not what is making news. Apparently a lot of Bollywood fans and Hindi-speaking gentry decided to walk out of the concert because they were miffed with Rahman. Why? Because he started singing Tamil songs. 

Indian Express

The maestro or the Mozart of Madras as he is fondly called, has been receiving brickbats for his pro-Tamil bias. 

And the world is up in arms really with opposing viewpoints on Twitter. There is one that is now making heads turn on Twitter. This one from singer Chinmayi Sripaada. The singer took her opinion on the matter to Twitter and basically called out the so-called Rahman fans for their hypocrisy. 

She tweeted, 

It is worthy to note that while Bollywood has been gifted with Rahman and his genius, his repertoire of work is not limited to only Hindi songs. Rahman, who is a Tamilian, started his career with the Tamil industry and has since then made music for different languages. 

Chinmayi further goes on to make a very valid point, for those accusing Rahman of singing only ‘Tamil’ songs. She writes, 

In case we have all forgotten, we are a country that speaks different languages that are not ‘Hindi’, does that make us less of an Indian?

She rests her case with why this entire debate is so problematic right at the outset.

The only silver lining from the debate? Thank god, they called it ‘Tamil’ and not ‘South Indian’.