The Snoop Dogg is way more than a rap artist. D-O-double-G has become something of an icon over the years, making the rest of the world long for his brand of the ultimate thug life. Well, you ain’t gotta long no more, niggaz!

Here are 18 of Snoop’s lyrics that’d make perfect responses to everyday situations and drench you with all the gangsta swag of the ‘Doggfather’.


1. When you heading out to Gurgaon and wonder how to handle an altercation.

2. When your friend challenges you to a game of Call of Duty and even though you haven’t played in a while, you know you gon’ whip the nigga.

3. When you want nothing more than to give your dog a washing and he’s too gangsta for that shit.

4. When bae tells you she loves you and you wanna tell your homies.

5. When you’re in an fight and the winning argument suddenly comes to your mind and you’re like, ‘hold up’.

6. When they start picking teams for ‘Dumb Charades’ at a party you didn’t even want to go to.

7. When your mom asks you what the hell you’ve done with your life.

8. When someone asks you what you want to be for Halloween this year.

9. When you sit down for a reality check and actually evaluate your financial situation.

10. When you’re so hot you get free stuff everywhere you go and you love it.

11. When you feel a lot of feelings after eating week-old pizza from your fridge.

12. When you’re mad at bae, but still care about him getting sick.

13. When your friend’s going through some shit and looks to you for advice.

14. When you set up an elaborate prank for someone and watch ’em fall for it from far away.

15. When he proposes but you really wish he put more effort into it.

16. When you’re already annoyed with bae and they ask you how you can be such an asshole.

17. When you’ve been single for longer than you like to admit and the boys start talking about girls.

18. When a friend tries to bring garma-garam cups of chai over to you, struggles with them and asks for your help.

Don’t wait another moment. Go forth and be your Snoop-est selves, you amazing niggaz!

Gangsta designs by Utkarsh Tyagi