How old were you when you realised that it’s ‘banno tera swagger laage sexy’ and not ‘banno tera sweater laage sexy’? There’s no doubt that we all have misheard song lyrics and laughed our asses off over it at some point in time. Here are some people who revealed the desi songs they have been singing wrong all this while and absolutely love it!

1. “Kutti mohabbat ne angdayi li.”
– juztfokix

“I refuse to believe it’s anything else but kutti.”

– ThrowayRA3962

“I just realised it’s not “aa kutti mohabbat” and “aankh uthhi mohabbat”, like wtf?”

– easyybreezyy__

2. “Shining in the sand and sun like crawler on the ocean.”
– bh69rdt

“Wait… it’s not sand and sun?”

– greennoodlehair

“Join the club.”

– Accomplished_Ad1684

3. “Just cheo cheo just cheo.”
– Expensive-Campaign60

“Haha, I remember my mom scolding me that I just listen to ‘chao-chao’ song all day and never study.”

– googleroneday

“My personal fav.”

– tomatobears123

4. “Kudi ghuma instead of pretty woman in Kal Ho Na Ho.”
– varun_t

“Omg yes! I was looking for this one. For the longest time I thought they were two separate songs. I was shocked when I found out that it was the same one lmao.”

– taeginn0

“Omg I sang it as kudi ghuman for years!”

– srush__ti

5. “Kal bhi aa gas wala, jaldi aa gas wala, gas wala, wala, wala from Khalibali.
– speaking_facts06

“I heard it pulpy ya gaswala.”

– Accomplished_Ad1684

6. “Na na karte pyaar haaye main kar gai, tune diya anaar haaye main mar gayi.”
– Rambhaktgopal

“This is the craziest one so far lmao.”

– Icy-Relationship1390

“Lmao, I’m ded.”

– rundia_lover

7. “Aa thook malun main tere hathon main.”
– trippingalwys

“Bro, I literally was about to type this because I couldn’t find it.”

– time_lordy_lord

“I love that you can actually hear both depending on what you focus on. I can hear dhoop and thook lol.”

– niketyname

8. “Unchi hai building, lift teri band hai, kaise mei aaun, dil lana band hai.”
– EducationalCookie968

“Unchi hai building, lift teri band hai, kaise main aun, dil ka sambandh hai.”

– trippingalwys

“For me it was, darwaza bandh hai.”

– time_lordy_lord

9. “I use to believe that its ‘ishq the koi badshaah’ instead of ‘it’s the bad boy badshah’ lol.”

“It’s actually- it’s your boy badshah.”

– DForDosa

“Oh lol. I thought it was, ‘ishumoovebadushah’. Like the badushah sweet.”

– Historical_Love7860

10. “As a kid, I had no idea that a place called Khandala exists and thought Amir Khan was saying “haathi ka anda la” The song made no sense to me.”
– NG_GasLit

Now that you know all the correct lyrics, how about having a karaoke night soon?