In association with Skybags

Sunburn! The greatest party under the sun (or stars)! Chilling on the beach, with thousands of music fans, and the hottest EDM tunes blasting across the sea, it truly is the experience of a lifetime. 

But there’s an ever present, ever annoying problem.

Imagine reaching the venue 4 hours before the gates open to get the best spot at the arena! You’ve pushed, shoved, and worked hard to earn that spot. You’ve sweat, bled and ran till your legs felt like wooden sticks. And, hopefully, you get your reward — the best place to witness the awesomeness that is Sunburn, Goa! And then you have to pee. Or have to get a refill for your drink. Or want to find your hopelessly lost friend. In short, you have to give up your hard earned spot.  

Well, don’t worry about it. Because Skybags has come up with the Skybags SubSquad. It’s made up of some amazing people who will sub in whenever you need to leave your place for a bit. While you go get nachos, they’ll keep your precious spot for you, making your festival hassle free! 

All you have to do is head over to the Skybags Zone at the festival, get a “SubSquad flag”, wave it whenever you need, and voilà, someone will come to save your spot. Remember to get your flag early so that you have it handy throughout the day! 

And by the way, this service is completely free and exclusive to Sunburn, Goa. The supercool Skybags SubSquad will be right there on all three days of the festival (27th to 29th December) to help you out. Check out their quirky video here. 

So if you are headed to Sunburn Goa, don’t forget to check out the Skybags SubSquad and enjoy #SunburnWithSkybags!