When it comes to heartbreak songs or romantic music, indie-singer Prateek Kuhad has become a household name for it. The kind of popularity the musician has gained over a few years is pretty commendable. 

But what if we say that you can sound like this Indie superstar in just two minutes? Well, Music Producer Anshuman Sharma has found a hack that can help you make a Kuhad song effortlessly. He explained the entire process in just 8 steps.  

Step 1 was to pick a relatable topic like heartbreak, proposal or anything that Kuhad sings about. Step 2 was to choose rhyming words that probably will give you an existential crisis like palkein, raahein. Step 4 was to choose simple chords and our favourite pretend you’re about to cry. 

Step 6 was to choose an acoustic sound and not choose a bassline. Step 7 is pretty simple, get inspired (copy) an old English song and voila the song is done! 

Twitter was totally blown away by this easy hack. Honestly, so are we. 

It is no Kasoor of ours if we totally fell for this rendition.