Ritviz is one of the most popular desi electronic musician of our times. From Udd Gaye to Liggi, this music producer has given us some back to back hits.  

But have you ever wondered what does it take for Ritviz to compose his music and if you too can compose like that?

Well, all your questions are answered because a Twitter user by the name of Anshumon Sharma taught everyone ‘How To Sound Like Ritviz’ in just two minutes and the result actually sounds like a legit Ritviz song.  

Now his technque was fairly simple. 

He started by taking an ‘environment-friendly’ term like aasman. Then added some random sentences and put them in sync. Followed by adding some happy chords, then some random Indian percussions like a table. He then put some South Indian wedding music and sang as if he was high. 

Voila, a Ritviz song is right there. 

But hey, if you thought that this will make Ritviz infuriated, well, he was actually pretty chill about it. He admitted that Anshuman’s technique is on point. 

Needless to say, netizens were super impressed by this 2 minute technique. 

Move over David Guetta, a new DJ is coming to town.