“The blues ain’t nothing but a good man feelin’ bad.”  – Leon Redbone

If you are a fan of blues music you probably know who BB King is but if you don’t know him yet or haven’t heard his compositions, you my friend are missing out on something really awesome. BB King, who was also known as the ‘King of Blues’ made us fall in love with his songs that captured each and every emotion of a heartbreak that one goes through at least once in their lifetime. His songs speak to us, they have a soul that has the ability of comforting and mending a broken heart. The Thrill Is Gone, Rock Me Baby, How Blue Can You Get are still our all time favorites that we just can’t get enough of. This man mastered the art of embracing sorrows with the soothing sound of music so beautifully and we can’t help but fall in love with his voice. Here are some wise-words by this legend that will take away your blues and give you hope for a better tomorrow.