After a long hectic week, all you need is a playlist to vibe and a beer. If you believe in the magic of lyrics and how they can soothe your emotions, hang in there!

While I was vibing on: 

Kyun Khoye khoye chand ki firak mein talash mein udas hai dil Kyun anpne app se khafa khafa zara zara sa naraz hai dil.

I found a thread on under-appreciated Hindi song lyrics on Twitter, and Damn, I cannot stop scrolling now!  

The list had songs from Lootera, Rockstar, Anwar, and it turned out to be the most wholesome thread for all the music lovers. And guess what? The thread ended up creating a playlist you just cannot  miss. 

It ended with the classic song: Maule mere Maula. 

Of course, people had their own underrated lyrics to share, and here’s how a Twitter thread turned into a jamming session.

What do you think about this playlist? Let us know in the comment section. 

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