Now, who doesn’t love Prateek Kuhad? From his soothing tunes to meaningful lyrics, he is one of the most loved musicians across the country.  

Just like his comforting music, his sweet abode is extremely calming as well. 

Asian Paints, in their fourth season of Where The Heart Is, give a glimpse into Prateek Kuhad’s cozy home.

Here are some pictures of his minimal dream space that you should totally check out.

With a perfect mix of functional and aesthetic, his house is a true reflection of his comforting voice.

Don’t you wish you owned a cosy space just like this?

His living space consists of a pristine L-shaped couch loaded with several colourful cotton cushions that looks absolutely beautiful.

The house also boasts of a work desk in a corner, which overlooks the large windows. 

Since he believes that art makes a home more inviting, all the walls in his house are adorned with a lot of beautiful frames. 

His pretty house in Delhi is absolutely loved by all his fans and followers and you can clearly see why.

There is also an expresso station, where he brews himself a piping hot cup of coffee in the morning.

There’s also a studio in house stunning house where he spends a good chunk of his day. Filled with a stunning vintage piano, drum kit and guitars, this is where he lays down the tracks and sings demo tunes.

He believes that the place where you live also shows what sort of a person you are. 

You can watch the entire video here:

Simply aesthetic yet functional, every house has a story to tell!

Note: All the screengrabs have been taken from YouTube, unless specified otherwise.