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Music plays a huge role in our lives. It helps us get through tough times, as well as celebrate the happy ones. It’s so refreshing to explore new artists and their discographies. If thisissomethingthatyoucan relate to, consider checking out this duo that’ll instantly sweep you off your feet—Simetri Sisters. Their music is enthralling and you just cannot get enough of them! It was surprising to find out that they had also given background scores in films like Kapoor and Sons and Baar Baar Dekho. 

We just found the #nextbigthing in music, and you absolutely cannot miss this!

Simetri consists of the singer-songwriter sister duo – Riya and Simran Duggal. They can literally go from Lata Mangeshkar to Dua Lipa super seamlessly. Although what really impressed me about them was their synchronisation! Their voices complement each other and are absolutely soothing to the ears. 

These sisters have their own live shows on Roposo, where they interact with the audience and give exclusive performances. It’s perfect for chill evenings, or doing your daily chores. Or even for house parties, where you can send in your music requests! People have been appreciating and enjoying their musical brilliance through and through. And they totally deserve it. If you have been looking for some refreshing music and niche artists, check them out on Roposo. They’re easily on their way to becoming the #nextbigthing!