Sometimes, your mind takes you to uncharted territories of weirdness and more often than not, the results are seven shades of awesome. Lucky for you guys, today happens to be that kind of a day.

Hence we tried imagining what our favorite bands would be called if they had Hindi names and the results are so epic, you’ll find yourself asking the question: WHY?

So without much logical intervention, here are our favorite bands imagined with Hindi names. Let’s see how many of them are you able to recognize.

1. Boy band goals!

2. No one knows how hard it is to hold a candle on a cold November rain as well as they do.

3. They killed a man and told everyone about it!

4. These guys think it’s all Yellow, for some reason.

5. They once went to a hotel in California and never came back!

6. Nothing else matters to them, nothing but music.

7. Remember when you used to listen to them in your teens? Yeah, me neither.

8. We’re sorry for doing this to your favorite band.

9. Don’cha wish your band was hot like this?!

10. No, they’re not the new Beatles.

11. Your life will be the same, with or without them.

12. Mick Jagger, nuff said!

13. Because your fire was lit by them!

14. The last kiss isn’t complete till you listen to them on loop.

15. They made a song about a man who refused to move. Go figure!

You’re welcome!

Designs by Ankit.