Singapore Tourism along with St+Art India had a three-day action-packed and fun-filled extravaganza of food, music, art and all things hip-hop. And guess what? It started off with the one good thing that gives my life meaning – food! So after days and days of wishful thinking, we finally got invited to the Secret Dinner at antiSocial, Khar and boy was it LIT!

As soon as we arrived, we were rushed into the already bustling Social Khar’s underground lounge to find an amazing motley of artists, food and music (which BTW, I’m still grooving to).

So let’s talk about the food. Singapore’s celebrated Chef Bjorn Shen and India’s Chef Gresham Fernandes came together to prepare this amazing menu of Feta Burrata, Uncle Will’s Crab Curry Dip, Fried Chicken Donuts and pani-puris (that were so amazing I momentarily forgot to catch their legit name.)

@bjornshen doing what he does the best. #singaporeweekender #kharsocial #fusionfood #secretdinner #day1

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I know these names sound like Greek to you, but then what are pictures for? Have a look!

This is what they call a Feta Burrata. It was a delicious Sambal soaked eggplant served on a rye toast and topped with mint. For me, it was just like Bruschetta, but on fiiire!

Even though I’m a vegetarian, I still couldn’t resist the sight of these. Next came, Uncle Will’s Crab Curry Dip with wonton chips, fried kale and an amazing crab curry dip to make me forget my vegetarian roots. “Yum” is a gross understatement, foodgasm is more like it.

Ok, so I did manage to catch its name later. Here’s Chef Gresham Fernandes prepping Potato Puffs, which had truffle infused potato mousse inside a crispy pani-puri. So crunchy, my toes curled! 

Just look at this… I’m drowning in my own drool! 

The menu was beyond anything I have ever experienced before. The way Chef Bjorn explained his inspiration behind the menu, somehow made it taste even better. He sampled the seasonal flavours of India in creating these dishes, and guess what? All of these among other sinful fusion dishes will be available across all branches of Social for the next three weeks. And you can bet that I’m surely going for a second round. 

To top it all, there was an open bar and we all know what happens when there are free booze, good music and me? *wink wink*

Speaking of good music…

Enter DJ Skip who played the Star Wars theme song as starters and needless to mention, I was sold instantly. He kicked off the Weekender on a note that set the highest possible bar for the entire weekend. And we still pumpin’

After he had us all abuzz with energy, came the big showdown where DJ KoFlow low-key blew our freakin’ minds. He started off with some Bollywood tracks like “Kaliyon ka chaman” and “Mundian tu bach ke” and the lounge was on fire! Time flies when you’re having fun and we didn’t realize how true this was till it was way past midnight. 

With our bellies full of scrumptious food and our legs tired from all the dancing, we wrapped up the first day of the Singapore Weekender, only to have an equally eventful Day 2 at the Sassoon Docks. We met some really talented artists and saw their awe-inspiring installations, but more on that later.

I’d like to end this piece with a picture of DJ KoFlow, because why not? Let us all take a minute to realize how cute he is!

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